Medical Marijuana Advocate Against Arresting American Citizens


The disparity of legislation throughout the country are causing unnecessary damage to households. Exactly what some American taxpayers can openly take part in, the others are going to jail for and households are being broken apart Marijuana Penny Stocks 2018.

We’re learning increasingly more about marijuana daily. The discovery of this human body’s Endocannabinoid System has been a significant breakthrough to the science of medical marijuana. The Endocannabinoid System is a string of cannabinoid receptors found throughout the brain and central nervous system which are interconnected into the human body’s immune system, and just interact with chemicals found in marijuana.

New study was revealed…

A research from the University of Nottingham reveals how specific chemical substances found in cannabis might help to decrease brain damage after a stroke.

The National Cancer Institute’s study has discovered how cannabis can actually protect brain cells from the creation of particular kinds of brain tumors…

This one is somewhat “science-ey”, but a National Institute of Health research finds bud may offer a process of resuscitation from cardiac arrest…

In reality, marijuana has tens of thousands of years of health usage in human history and not even 1 death was attributed to this herb. Only due to the fact that there isn’t any lethal dose makes marijuana a far more

and safer choice for treatment to a number of ailments and diseases. We are aware that the use of medical marijuana may replace the usage of particular lawful prescription drugs that have serious side effects, such as accidental death from illness, nevertheless these authorized prescription medications stay valid even though they are much more damaging to the human body.

Many of the “pain pill” deaths might have been prevented by means of medical marijuana.

But the actual tragedy regarding medical marijuana is that the United States War on Drugs. It’s enabled the national and various state and local authorities throughout the nation to take up military arms from its own citizens. It’s warranted the militarization of police forces throughout the nation. The United States of America has roughly 2 percent of the planet’s inhabitants, but it’s 25 percent of the planet’s prison population, the majority of those being nonviolent drug offenders. More than 50 percent of these being marijuana fees. That is correct, marijuana arrests currently account for more than half of all drug arrests in the United States of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests involving 2001 at 2010, 80 percent were for only possessing marijuana.

And the US citizen was footing the bill. As it currently already prices over $30,000 to imprison 1 individual for a single year.

If the war on drugs was functioning, it ought to make medication more infrequent, hence driving up prices. In fact, drug costs have remained about the same over the previous twenty decades, demonstrating the War on Drugs has had literally no influence on the black economy of illegal drugs. The only real thing the War on Drugs has been effective at is arresting and imprisoning our taxpayers at an alarming speed. The one certain way to wash out an illegal black market would be to legalize the most thing that’s been made illegal. In this manner certain countries are already catching on and incorporating millions and millions for their own tax revenues each year. While their taxpayers are appreciating the authentic meaning of liberty.

Though a number of our citizens are enjoying liberty, others who get arrested for having marijuana might lose work or lose public benefits or shed their education financing. Possibly even worse, they go to prison and are separated from their kids and their loved ones. What impact does this have on such a loved ones and those children? These kids are getting shortchanged due to an ill-conceived law. Presently over 50 percent of the American people supports complete legalization of marijuana. It is time to legalize and prevent arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for picking an herb which is less harmful than all other available choices. We are aware that alcohol kills over 600,000 people each year and smokes kill more than 1 million individuals. As a reminder bud hasn’t been credited to even 1 death. Yet somehow the police say “we need more data… ” We now have information, tens of thousands of years of information. What’s intriguing for me is why weren’t so careful with cigarettes and alcohol.

For all these reasons and a lot more, Ipersonally, Sam Shakespeare, of Boca Raton, Florida stay a powerful advocate for the legalization and use of medical marijuana for all humankind. Personal liberty is a fundamental right.



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